…the handbook for developing tomorrow’s software as a service!
— Graham Hill, service innovation expert
Jeff’s book provides a systematic, practical way for your organization to build the services your customers want.
— Fred Matheson, Head of User Experience Design, Bekk Consulting
Designing for delivery will help us create services that are more robust and flexible.
— Clay Shirky, author and industry observer


As society transitions from a product economy to a digital service economy, software is increasingly essential for navigating everyday life. The quality and value of the service experience will depend upon how easily customers can use software to accomplish their goals and satisfy their needs. In this pragmatic book, Sussna Associates founder Jeff Sussna introduces revolutionary concepts in the design and delivery of digital services. He shows that service quality is not just about designing capabilities, but about making—and keeping—promises to customers.
This book is for industry leaders and organizations who need to understand and successfully navigate this transition in order to make IT a full partner in the customer brand conversation.