Continuous Service Design: Unifying Agile & DevOps with Design Thinking

In this  one-day workshop, Jeff Sussna teaches product, design, and IT organizations how to create service-centered teams that continuously learn from customers and each other. He presents a new approach that integrates Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. He explains the shared principles that unify these methodologies, and shows you how to use them to build user-centered experimentation and feedback into the entire service delivery cycle.

Jeff provides you with a shared language that bridges design, development, and operations perspectives. This language incorporates Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking practices into a unified "programming language" for responsive systems and organizations. Through talks, discussions, and hands-on exercises, you learn how to use this language to:

  • Continuously improve what and how you deliver
  • Simultaneously optimize efficiency, operability, and usability
  • Effectively respond to complexity, change, and uncertainty
  • Balance agility, scalability and cross-functional alignment

Who should attend:

  • Enterprise product & service design groups
  • Digital product development organizations
  • IT operations teams