Sussna Associates Now Provides End-to-End Digital Product Services

Sussna Associates is pleased to introduce a comprehensive suite of services that bring together UX design, digital product management, Agile software development, and modern IT operations. Our highly experienced consultants work across teams to connect all aspects of the digital product lifecycle. Through workshops and hands-on coaching, we show you how to balance agility & reliability, responsiveness & vision, and autonomy & alignment. We use our expertise to guide your transformation into a high-performance organization that can simultaneously:

▪ Enhance the flow of value to your customers

▪ Minimize the impact of change on their existing experience

▪ Operate reliable and adaptable platforms on their behalf

“Digital business is an exercise in managing conflicting requirements,” says Jeff Sussna, Founder and CEO. ”Our clients face a daily dilemma: how to move fast without breaking things. We teach them how to overcome contradictions between speed and quality by using Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking together. Our expert consultants have the unique ability to bridge all of the practices and perspectives needed to continuously deliver high-value digital products.“