Jeff Sussna helps companies build continuous learning cultures

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Twenty-first century industries face accelerating complexity and change. To adapt to dynamic business and technical demands, companies need product, design, and IT teams that continuously learn from customers and each other. Jeff Sussna has a unique ability to help clients integrate Agile, DevOps and Design Thinking into design-build-operate feedback loops. He teaches organizations how to continuously improve efficiency and customer experience by building user-centered experimentation into the entire service delivery life cycle.


Jeff offers coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements that guide teams from where they are to where they want to be.


Be Agile

Does it feel like you're doing Agile, but not being agile? Go beyond just doing things faster and optimize your Agile processes  for discovery, adaptation, and truly continuous value delivery.

Be Lean

Agility, lean, resilience, and collaboration aren’t just for start-ups or cloud-native innovation silos. Implement DevOps practices across all areas and modes of your enterprise IT organization and beyond. 

Be Creative

Digital operations teams need to continuously make their work more useful and effective. Integrate Design Thinking into daily operations and make continuous improvement the heart of operational management. 

Be of Service

Responsive customer service depends upon responsive mutual service between teams. Transform silos into user-centered, resilient services that continuously learn from each other. 

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Client-Centered Coaching

Jeff starts by listening to your goals and constraints. By embedding himself in your organization he gains the insight and trust needed to go beyond cookie-cutter implementations. He uses this approach to guide you along the path to becoming a continuous learning organization in ways that make sense for your situation.


Interactive Workshops

Jeff provides hands-on introductions to the principles and practices of continuous learning. Carefully structured exercises connect theory to real-world problems that are relevant to your business. A collaborative environment creates opportunities for shared practice and reflection with others facing similar challenges. Learn more…


Thought-Leadership Talks

Jeff introduces new ways of thinking about doing and managing work. Engaging, well-crafted presentations deliver deep insights into the how and why of adaptive technology and business methodologies. By connecting new ideas to daily work, he shows you how to transform mindsets as well as processes. Learn more…


Healthcare | Retail | Insurance | Technology | SaaS


Product | Design | Development | Operations | Security & Compliance


Allianz | Bank of America | Best Buy | CapitalOne | Carlson Wagonlit | CenturyLink | Cisco | Enstratus | HealthPartners | Medica | SOASTA | sipgate | SysEleven | Thomson Reuters | UnitedHealth Group | University of Minnesota

What Clients Say

Any opportunity to be in a room with Jeff should be pursued. I left every interaction smarter, faster, stronger, better.
— Nate Norrgard, Sr. Technology Director
Jeff has the rare talent to see the entire picture, associate the relevant facts, and present the perfect solution. What is amazing is that, based on his deep technical and organizational knowledge, he can apply the solution to the real world and then execute.
— Pete Draheim, Director of Quality & Test
I recently attended a conference where Jeff Sussna was one of the speakers. In a stellar group of presentations, Jeff’s talk stood head and shoulders above the rest.
— Dave Gray, author of 'The Connected Company' and 'Liminal Thinking'