User-Centered IT Operations

Delivering quality IT platforms requires more than deploying robust systems. The bigger challenge is transforming operations teams into user-centered service providers. To be successful, teams need to expand their focus beyond delivering technical features. True quality comes from helping people use your platform to accomplish their goals.

This workshop introduces Promise-Driven Design, a powerful technique for organizing work around customer outcomes. Promise-Driven Design brings together Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking perspectives. Platform teams can use it to discover:

  • The functional & non-functional promises you make to your users

  • Whether they're the right promises to make

  • How to maximize your ability to keep them (or repair them if they get broken)

Making your promises visible lets you continuously improve your ability to understand and serve your users’ needs. It incorporates the entire customer journey, from onboarding and support to monitoring and outage management. It provides a unified focus on functional and non-functional quality and resilience.

In this day-long workshop, Jeff Sussna teaches you how to create service-centered IT operations organizations. Jeff uses a practical, hands-on approach that gives you concrete experience applying Promise-Driven Design to your own technical and organizational challenges. He also shows you how to incorporate promise discovery into existing practices such as:

  • Agile planning & retrospectives

  • Blameless incident reviews

  • Resilience design

  • Security & compliance

  • DevOps

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideally suited for IT teams and leaders facing the challenge of using operations platforms to enable agile product organizations.