Agile Product Alignment

Agile and DevOps improve time-to-market by breaking work and organizations into smaller pieces. They don’t solve the problem of how to connect those pieces back into a coherent experience. Agile product organizations need a way to continuously align themselves with customers and each other without becoming slow or brittle.

This workshop introduces Promise-Driven Design, a simple yet powerful technique for organizing work around customer outcomes. Promise-Driven Design unifies the principles of Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. Product and service design teams teams can use it to discover:

  • The promises you make to your internal & external customers

  • Whether they're the right promises to make

  • How to maximize your ability to keep them (or repair them if they get broken)

Making your promises visible expands your focus beyond delivering things to helping each other achieve your goals on behalf of your customers. By connecting everyone’s work to desired outcomes, and enabling continuous alignment across groups, it transforms agile product teams into customer-centered learning organizations.

In this day-long workshop, Jeff Sussna teaches you how to create mutually aligned product organizations. Jeff uses a practical, hands-on approach that gives you concrete experience applying Promise-Driven Design to your own product and organizational problems.

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for product management teams and leaders facing challenges such as:

  • Moving fast without breaking things

  • Overcoming process & culture conflicts between product, design, development, & operations

  • Leading the creation of truly customer-centered agile organizations