Transforming IT With Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a practical method for discovering creative solutions to complex business, technical, and organizational problems. Its value goes beyond creating end-user products. In this  half-day workshop, Jeff Sussna introduces Design Thinking as an IT transformation tool. IT teams and leaders can use this method to improve business and customer alignment without sacrificing reliability, performance, security, or compliance. 

Jeff presents the core principles and practices of Design Thinking, and explains how those practices complement Agile and DevOps by enabling improved service and alignment across teams. You learn how to create user-centered teams that continuously learn from customers and each other. Through talks, discussions, and hands-on exercises focused on real-world IT challenges, you discover how design thinking can help you:

  • Balance the need for innovation with the need to “keep the lights on”
  • Overcome conflicts between agility and consistency
  • Manage the process of transforming teams, people, and systems
  • Establish and maintain trust within IT, and between IT and its stakeholders

Who should attend:

IT operations and leadership teams.