Visible Promises: How to Move Fast Without Breaking Things

Companies in every industry are under pressure to move faster while at the same time delivering coherent customer experiences. They need the ability to continuously respond to changing markets without sacrificing operational effectiveness. How do we make sure we can move fast without breaking things, whether those things be customer satisfaction, compliance and security, IT infrastructure, or shared direction across teams and disciplines?

In this workshop, Jeff Sussna teaches you how to create service-centered teams that balance agility and alignment by continuously learning from each other. Jeff introduces a simple yet powerful method for continuously improving your understanding of internal and external customers’ needs, along with your ability to serve those needs. This method draws on the principles of Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. It provides an iterative framework for discovering:

  • The promises you make to your customers and each other;
  • Whether they're the right promises to make; and
  • How to most effectively keep and repair them

After  introducing you to the concepts of service, emergent order, and promises, Jeff guides you through hands-exercises that apply the promise discovery framework to your specific business. By making your own organization's promises visible, you gain a better understanding of  your customers and how to serve them. You leave the workshop with a practical technique you can use to:

  • Continuously improve what and how you deliver

  • Simultaneously optimize efficiency, operability, and usability

  • Effectively respond to complexity, change, and uncertainty

  • Balance agility, scalability, and cross-functional alignment

Who should attend:

  • Digital product development organizations
  • Enterprise product & service design groups
  • Digital leadership teams
  • IT operations, compliance, and security departments