Jeff’s workshops are legendary–he can seriously accelerate your transformation!
— Patrick Debois, founder of DevOps movement
Such a valuable session with Jeff Sussna today. We had Support, Dev, Infra, UX, Product, Training attend. Recommend!
— Richard Seroter, VP of Product, CenturyLink
Having just read Jeff’s book, I jumped at the chance to attend his workshop, and I wasn’t disappointed...I left the course with my mind slightly blown (in a good way).
— Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist, OpenCredo

Building Continuous Learning Organizations with Promise-Driven Design

Sussna Associates offers a suite of workshops that teach you how to create service-centered product, design, and IT organizations. Each workshop introduces Promise-Driven Design, a simple yet powerful technique for aligning delivery teams with customers and each other. Promise-Driven Design unifies Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. Digital product and IT teams at every level can use it to discover:

  • The promises you make to your customers and to each other

  • Whether they're the right promises to make

  • How to continuously improve your ability to keep & repair them

Making your promises visible expands your focus beyond delivering things to helping others achieve their goals. By connecting everyone’s work to desired outcomes, and enabling continuous alignment across groups, it transforms digital delivery teams into customer-centered learning organizations.

Our workshops use a practical, hands-on approach to give design and IT teams concrete experience applying Promise-Driven Design to their own technical and organizational challenges. We can create custom workshops tailored to your specific needs. You can also choose from one of our standard design/product/IT workshops:

Continuous Service Design

Agile Product Alignment

User-Centered IT Operations